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2014 League Table on Staff Engagement for NHS Trusts

Wed 22nd October, 2014
2014 League Table on Staff Engagement for NHS Trusts

Every year, the Listening into Action (LiA) team analyse the National Staff Survey results, focusing specifically on 20 out of 28 Picker Institute Key Findings – those relating directly to staff engagement. This is done for NHS Acute, Mental Health and Community Trusts.

This analysis provides leaders of all NHS Trusts with a clear view of how they are doing - through the eyes of their staff - across two dimensions: performance relative to other similar Trusts, and local trend compared to the previous year.

The starting point for any fundamental shift is a good, honest view of the current situation – no spin, no excuses, no blame. This is the ‘burning platform’ – the powerful case for change. And the truth is that staff engagement levels are low right across the NHS. Even in the best Trusts there is enormous scope for improvement.

We all know that high performing organisations across all sectors prioritise engagement, unleashing the talent, commitment and will of all their people. We all know that the NHS organisations that make this a priority are more attractive to staff. We all know that happy staff are great advocates for our Trusts, are less likely to be off sick, have positive 'can do' attitudes, and are altogether more productive. Most importantly, we all know that staff who feel engaged and valued deliver better patient care.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are at the top, the middle, or the bottom of this league table -there are things you can be doing to engage and empower your staff better to improve outcomes for your patients, your staff, and your organisation as a whole.

It’s about creating a new level of ambition, breaking through ‘all the usual reasons why not’, and getting excited about the massive opportunity this presents. Instead of saying ‘We’re doing alright thanks’ or ‘It’s not the right time’ or ‘We’re too busy’, isn’t it time to turn this on its head and make it our number one priority? If engaged, valued staff deliver better care for patients, should it be optional?

Let’s give staff the support, confidence, tools and ‘permission to act’ they need to get on and continuously improve their services for the benefit of patients, in a way that makes them feel proud. Let’s change the fact that the most ‘values-based’ workforce in the entire world generally says that 60-70% of their personal energy at work is lost every day as a result of the multitude of things that get in their way.

The following League Tables rank your Trust in your peer group based on what your staff said in the 2013 National Staff Survey, based on their responses to 20 out of 28 Picker Institute Key Findings around the NHS Constitution four Staff Pledges – those that relate directly to staff engagement. LiA Trusts are seeing a fundamental shift in their position on this.

“The will to do, the soul to dare” Sir Walter Scott

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