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LiA Update - Autumn 2014

Tue 30th September, 2014
LiA Update - Autumn 2014

This is the LiA Update - for Listening into Action (LiA) Trusts and others interested in joining the network.

It provides: the latest news headlines about LiA; a summary of recent posts to the National LiA Blog - frontline stories and evidence of the impact of LiA; and, the latest additions to the LiA SmartBox - a repository of great ideas direct from LiA Trusts to support adoption, avoid reinvention, and enable cross-fertilisation of ideas


News Headlines

  • HSJ article ’10 reasons why engagement tools demotivate NHS staff’ by Gordon Forbes was published in September
  • Kings Fund report ‘Improving NHS Care by Engaging Staff and Devolving Decision-Making’ references LiA and links engagement levels to patient and staff outcomes
  • Positive feedback from CQC, National Quality Board, NHS Employers, TDA, FTN, Michael West, Chris Ham and others, including various case studies in recent reports
  • 70 stories about the impact of working ‘the LiA way’ on patient care and the working life of staff have been published so far in the LiA Blog (more on this below)
  • 80 experts from 9 Trusts recently collaborated to develop the LiA ‘Optimal Wards’ Framework to drive up standards
  • The development of a new LiA Navigator is underway, with easy signposting, more use of film, and a simple, printable LiA Tracker – due to be launched in early 2015
  • Standardised Year 2+ LiA proposition starting in 2015, including interactive WebEx sessions, themed Navigation Days, ‘how we did it’ case stories, and national accreditation through ‘kite-marking’
  • Our Twitter account @LiAJourney has around 1,000 followers - please join in the chat
  • A closed Facebook Group for sharing of ideas and chat across the network of LiA Leads is now up and running
  • 10 new Trusts have joined the LiA network in June and September. The next cohort of LiA National Pioneer Trusts will start in March 2015
  • Congratulations to the 5 LiA Trusts shortlisted for the HSJ Award for Staff Engagement in 2014!


LiA Blog

The National LiA Blog is now getting up to 400 hits a week, showcasing stories and ‘thought leadership’ pieces based on learning from across the network. New stories are posted every week. Here are some of the latest headlines:

LiA SmartBox

The LiA SmartBox is a repository of the best ideas and resources generated by LiA Trusts, available for those in the network to pick up and use for themselves. New material is added every few weeks. Some of the most recent material includes:

  • 'Pass it On' event invitation (Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust)
  • 'LiA Update' video (Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust)
  • Automating LiA Conversation invitations (Burton Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • LiA Newsletter - Year 2 (East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust)
  • Smile Campaign (Burton Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • LiA Newsletter - Year 1 (Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • Email Etiquette (Optimise)
  • LiA Purple Lanyards (Croydon Healthcare Services NHS Trust)
  • ’What Matters to Staff’ themes (Gloucestershire Care Services)
  • LiA Key Messages Business Card (Optimise)
  • Pulse Check leaflet for payslips (Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • Getting the first 100 influencers on board (Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)

Dates for your Diary

  • Tuesday 7th October: Wave 6 Navigation Day 3
  • Tuesday 11th November: Wave 5 Navigation Day 4
  • Tuesday 25th November: Wave 7 Navigation Day 2
  • Tuesday 2nd December: Wave 6 LiA Leads’ Day


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