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'Gold standard' anaesthetic rooms at Pennine Acute Hospitals

Wed 8th October, 2014
'Gold standard' anaesthetic rooms at Pennine Acute Hospitals

Staff working within operating theatres at North Manchester General Hospital have been working tirelessly for two years to improve care for patients.

Staff nurse Gavin Wild and consultant anaesthetist Dr Diarmid Cochran who work at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, have led the work to completely transform the anaesthetic rooms within the operating theatres department at North Manchester General Hospital for the benefit of patients and staff.

The idea came about following a team discussion regarding the anaesthetic rooms at the hospital. Staff suggested the theatre equipment and stock needed to be stored in a different way to support improved and efficient working practices.

Gavin and Diarmid used the Listening into Action (LiA) approach which encourages frontline staff to become empowered and make changes to their workplace environment and practices.

A reconnoitre of all the anaesthetic rooms within the hospitals at the Trust – North Manchester General Hospital, The Royal Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and Fairfield General Hospital in Bury – resulted in the team picking up good practice ideas to add to their own vision of excellence.

Working with their theatre colleagues and the Trust’s estates department, Diarmid and Gavin designed the ideal anaesthetic room, checking with the staff who would be using the rooms at every stage of the process.

The final result is a “gold standard” anaesthetic room, designed by the staff who use it on a daily basis, that can be duplicated throughout the hospital and across the Trust. When the design is reproduced in the other anaesthetic rooms it will mean that any staff member can go to any anaesthetic room and be able to start work immediately in the knowledge that their practice is safe and effective.

Gavin said: “The difference between this room and the other anaesthetic rooms is massive and in addition to the advantages to the service, as a patient the first impression is one of a calm, clean area which inspires confidence at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Dr Diarmid Cochran added: “Using the theatre staffs’ own ideas as the basis for the new design has created a safer working environment at minimum cost.“

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