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We are delighted to announce that Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust (GCS) has become the first community services provider in the country to be awarded the Listening into Action (LiA) Kite Mark for 2017. The formal accreditation of GCS is a reflection of the four year commitment from Chief Executive, Paul Jennings, and his team, to ‘changing the way we do change’ across Gloucestershire.

By any reasonable measure, it is abundantly clear that our frontline NHS is in crisis. Forget the tabloid headlines screaming as much. Forget too, the more reasoned and balanced view of the challenges facing the NHS as the spectre of ‘winter-pressure’ rears its head as the weather turns colder and the mood greyer.  

This fantastic new case study from Croydon Health Services NHS Trust shows evidence of a fundamental shift in the quality of patient care, culture, and operational performance over the past four years. John Goulston, Chief Executive decided to adopt Listening into Action (LiA) at CHS in 2012. This decision is a 'bungee jump' moment for any Trust - a leap of faith that pays off if you stick to the formula and give it your unwavering commitment. In

We have just published a powerful case study from Barts Health NHS Trust showcasing the impact of intensive efforts to engage staff around improving patient care ‘from the inside-out’. Barts Health is the largest Trust in the country with around 16,000 staff, getting traction around a much needed fundamental shift in ways of working and leading in such a large Trust is no small challenge. With personal leadership from Chief Executive, Alwen Williams, they have approached

We are delighted to announce the publication of: ‘The Best Medicine: 100 Powerful Stories of Staff-Led Change’ from the NHS. This publication - available as a flip book and a PDF - shows the enormous impact that staff themselves can have on the quality and safety of patient care in their own areas through simple, compelling, new ways of working.

The national Listening into Action team today announces the formal accreditation of two NHS Trusts for 2016. Congratulations to Croydon Health Services NHS Trust for their renewed Listening into Action (LiA) accreditation for 2016.  We are also delighted to confirm University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust as the second NHS Trust to be awarded the LiA Kite mark. 

The national Listening into Action (LiA) team has developed a new way for NHS Trust CEOs to 'self-assess' the safety and effectiveness of their Trust. Using the existing Listening into Action (LiA) Pulse Check responses from staff – over 250,000 staff have responded to the Pulse Check in the last 4 years – the team can now determine how your staff feel around the five Care Quality Commission domains 

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust started adoption of Listening into Action (LiA) in April 2016. They have a fantastic and very enthusiastic LiA Sponsor Group mostly comprising clinical staff, plus Chief Executive Richard Kirby, and have started their journey to lead a 'fundamental shift' at the Trust. In May, they launched their first 10 LiA Clinical Teams in alignment with patient care priorities (watch out for their stories in 20 weeks' time!)

Here are the 5 stories from the final week of the #NHS100Stories campaign. This week featured teams who have; harnessed the ideas of domestic staff to free up nursing time; changed ways of working to improve outcomes for deteriorating patients; built resilience for ‘winter pressures’; created a sustainable care model to provide medical support for children at home and introduced smarter ways of working to reduce burdensome email traffic for clinical staff.

The teams showcased this week have achieved some fantastic results, transforming the quality and safety of patient care, and improving staff morale and team working within their own Trusts. This latest batch of 5 stories shows the impact of changes made in a wide range of services - older peoples care; paediatric medicine; inpatient adult mental health; school nursing and breast services. Truly inspiring!

Five more stories from proud LiA teams showcasing their achievements and the positive impact their work has had on the quality and safety of patient care. This latest batch includes improvements in the delivery of Phlebotomy services and reducing unnecessary hospital admissions for older patients. There are also stories from teams who have improved ways of working to ‘unblock’ the way for colleagues

Here's the latest round up from Week 17 of the #NHS100Stories campaign, 5 fantastic stories showcasing staff-led changes which include improving the quality and safety of care in Phlebotomy and Cardiology and a new innovative approach which supports staff to raise concerns

Here are last week's published stories from the #NHS100Stories campaign. Another great set of results from teams who have worked on improving medication management; reducing time in hospital for children; providing specialist care for patients living with dementia and finding better ways of working in theatres

The #NHS100Stories campaign hit another significant milestone last week - 75 inspiring stories have now been published over the past 15 weeks! This latest batch of stories includes changes which have improved care for older people, supported the recovery of breast cancer patients and 'unblocked the way' for hospital staff

Here are the 5 latest stories from the #NHS100Stories campaign. Another inspiring group of changes which include improving patient care in an Acute setting, the set up of a clinic closer to home for young people in North Manchester and significant improvements in the recruitment process at a Specialist Trust

Another great batch of stories from Acute and Mental Health Trusts from Week 13 of the #NHS100Stories campaign. Each story includes contact details for the staff who have led the changes in their Trusts - if you've been inspired by any of the stories featured in the campaign please do feel free to contact the Trusts involved directly or contact us

Here are the five team stories from week 12 of the #NHS100Stories campaign, a great mix of fantastic outcomes for patients and service users in Acute, Mental Health and Combined NHS Trusts.

We are now well past the halfway mark of the #NHS100Stories campaign. Here are five more stories from proud LiA Teams who have been making changes which have not only had a direct impact on patient care but are also making staff feel more valued and engaged

We've reached the half way mark of the #NHS100Stories campaign! So far we have published 50 inspiring stories from teams making changes which have either made a positive difference to the quality of care they deliver to their patients or 'unblocked the way' for their colleagues. Here's the latest 'fab five' from Week 10 of the campaign.