Jane Lewington, Chief Executive at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, reflects on their first year of LiA adoption: "The Trust has had a very challenging year, especially as we were put into special measures in July 2013 following the Keogh review. At that time, a cultural survey identified an absence of trust and engagement between staff and the Board. People did not feel pride in the Trust and had lost hope that things could be better.  

Sometimes in life you meet people who completely humble you, writes East Midlands Ambulance Service LiA Lead Mark Dawn. "Last week at one of our LiA Colleague Conversations at Market Rasen Racecourse in Lincolnshire, myself and others had the privilege of being in the company of a man who had spent all his working life caring for patients on the road, in one guise or another, as an ambulance frontline worker...

A brand new service which helps young patients with their allergies has opened at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. The Paediatric Allergy Clinic, based at North Manchester General Hospital was the idea of Dr Mudiyur Gopi, Consultant Paediatrician. Before this, families had to travel to the centre of Manchester to access allergy services.

Normally, you can’t unlock a door without a key. But here at East Midlands Ambulance Service, a concerted effort to engage staff has helped us to unlock a door that until recently wasn’t quite bolted firmly shut, but certainly stuck a little at the hinges. In the build-up to our Listening into Action (LiA) journey - and with a clear need to see some action quickly in order to build belief in LiA amongst staff -

Changes made by staff at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS FT have greatly benefitted service users, boosted staff morale, and increased productivity. A team at the Central and West Addiction Recovery Community Hub (ARCH) had been struggling to find solutions to deal with a high 'Do Not Attend' (DNA) rate which was badly affecting their service. A significant amount of time was being lost and the impact on the team was very negative

A rich mix of 60 staff - including nurses, student nurses, doctors, consultants, healthcare assistants and support staff - have been involved in LiA Conversations at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to connect across boundaries around care of the deteriorating patient.  

The Acute Neuro Rehabilitation team at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust have held LiA Patient Conversations to help understand their complex needs and gain feedback on how patients really feel about their care. Involving patients in this way has helped staff to make changes which have greatly improved and enriched the patient experience. Their story is told in this emotional video.

Patients requiring an endoscopy usually have one option to help them through an unpleasant procedure - strong IV sedation and painkillers. The effect of these drugs can last for hours and requires either an overnight hospital stay or overnight care at home. A team from the Endoscopy Unit at East Cheshire NHS Trust have been working together to improve the patient experience by introducing the use of Entonox.

Clinical engagement and ownership of change is at the heart of the LiA approach. Imagine if all frontline staff felt empowered, energised and supported to make their services the best they can be for patients. This is the core business of the NHS and a top priority to get right. Neil Ashwood, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Associate Medical Director at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a key member of the LiA Sponsor Group...

The loss of a loved one in hospital is never easy to cope with. A staff team at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust have used the LiA approach to look at ways to improve the Bereavement Service. Their aim was to make what can be a very difficult and distressing time for bereaved relatives a little easier.  

A new service to support hospital patients with dementia opens today at Rochdale Infirmary - part of the Pennine Acute NHS Hospitals Trust. The Oasis Unit will offer acute medical patients a safe and suitable purpose-built environment to support recovery, with access to nursing and mental health staff. Listening into Action (LiA) was used to garner the thoughts and opinions of service users and staff in the design and operational function of the new unit...

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the most effective. This was evidenced at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust recently, where the team providing inpatient echo services made changes which have had a fantastic impact on patients and on staff. Inpatient heart scans have routinely been carried out at the patient’s bedside - a slow and inefficient method. Physiologists were spending up to 25% of their time moving from one location to the next. In addition, back injuries

Catherine Beardshaw is Chief Executive at Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool, where they are now in their second year of LiA. Here Catherine talks about the role LiA played in preparing the hospital for a recent CQC inspection, and the widespread impact this has had:

The introduction of LiA at a Trust is often greeted with weary cynicism by NHS staff who have been involved in various change 'initiatives' which arrive with a bang and leave with a whimper, promising the earth and delivering little. LiA isn’t an 'initiative', it is about engaging and empowering staff for the long-term to improve the patient experience, patient outcomes and the morale of staff

A multidisciplinary LiA Team at Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have broken through 'the usual reasons why not' to make significant improvements to the quality and safety of care for stroke patients. The 'gold standard' for patients who have had a stroke is to receive thrombolysis within 60 minutes. This has a major impact on the recovery of the patient and their quality of life following a stroke...

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust recently held their second LiA 'Pass It On' event. John Goulston, Chief Executive, described these events as 'the best two days in my NHS career', and went on to say the following

The LiA mission for one group of staff at Pennine Acute Trust, ‘to provide the best rehabilitation journey by transforming our team’s culture and practice' has been successfully achieved by the Floyd Unit at Birch Hill Hospital. The team, led by unit manager Karen Gaunt, now has the first integrated team room in a neuro rehab facility in the whole of Greater Manchester.

Nichola Durrant is the LiA Lead Co-ordinator for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust. They started out as an LiA National Pioneer Trust in January, and Nichola reflects here on the importance of getting the 'First 100' influencers on board and sharing ownership right from the outset.

John Adler, Chief Executive at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, is using NHS Change Day to boost the spread of Listening into Action across the Trust. John has given LiA his unwavering commitment first at Sandwell and West Birmingham and now in Leicester, and has no doubt about the impact this way of working has on staff and on the quality of patient care.

David Allison is Chief Executive at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where they are now in their second year of LiA adoption and spread. David has given LiA his unwavering commitment from the beginning. He shares their story so far...