We have just published a powerful case study from Barts Health NHS Trust showcasing the impact of intensive efforts to engage staff around improving patient care ‘from the inside-out’. Barts Health is the largest Trust in the country with around 16,000 staff, getting traction around a much needed fundamental shift in ways of working and leading in such a large Trust is no small challenge. With personal leadership from Chief Executive, Alwen Williams, they have approached

The latest CQC report for Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust has shown a fundamental shift in culture since adoption of LiA began in January 2014. This is great news, especially given that staff at the Trust are dispersed over a 1,000 square mile area. Paul Jennings, Chief Execuitve, is justifiably pleased with these findings

Over the past year, The Rotherham NHS FT have started adoption of LiA as a way of working to help engage with and unblock the way for colleagues. After a year of learning they are now taking this to a whole new level, using LiA to connect people around some of the most important opportunities to improve patient care.  

Sir Andrew Cash, Chief Executive at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals signed the Trust up to Listening into Action (LiA) in September 2014 as part of a "heartfelt effort to connect better with everyone who works here to deliver the best outcomes for our patients and staff”. His message to staff in a recent communication is: "Just over 5 months ago we launched 'Listening into Action' to encourage as many of you as possible to get involved in

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust started their Listening into Action (LiA) journey in June 2014. Based on the results of the 2014 National Staff Survey, the Trust have seen a huge improvement in how engaged their staff feel and are now fourth in the 2015 national league table for acute Trusts , having acheived an incredible 36 point improvement on performance year-on-year. Congratulations to all of their staff!...  

At Croydon Health Services NHS Trust hundreds of staff have been involved in LiA since 2012, helping to make a real difference to the patient experience and the quality and safety of care right across the Trust. They recently held a major LiA Pass it On event – a high energy, inspiring celebration of team achievements which culminates in ‘passing the baton’ to the next group of teams.

LiA is about 'powering up' frontline teams to continuously improve patient care and the patient experience in their own areas, in a way that makes them feel proud, trusted and valued. At the same time, managers and support teams unblock the way by removing obstacles and breaking through 'all the usual reasons why not'. To connect staff around this, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust have produced this fantastic short video...

The LiA Pulse Check is used by all Listening into Action (LiA) Trusts. It is simple, deliberately not over-engineered, comprises 15 questions and takes 60 seconds to complete. The LiA Pulse Check provides a snapshot view of how engaged and how valued staff feel right now. At the beginning of a Trust’s LiA Journey, the LiA Pulse Check goes out far and wide, with lots of rallying

Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust started their LiA Journey at the beginning of 2014, Paul Jennings the CEO at the Trust reflects on the last few months; “Someone once said to me what fantastic people I work with - stimulating, exciting, ambitious for their families and communities, brimming with ideas and excitement, inventive, creative with great ideas for change and improvement…..until they come to work.

At the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, the clear message for staff to get 'on board' the Listening into Action journey came in the form of a double decker bus. Local bus company Southern Vectis generously donated their vehicle and a driver for the day, to help sponsors launch the new way of working and get out to the Community Directorate of the integrated Trust. 

A fantastic communication has just gone out to all staff at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust from Michele Moran, Chief Executive, as they embark on their LiA journey... "We’re very excited here at the Trust to be signing up to the national evidence-based Listening Into Action framework. Designed to help NHS organisations empower frontline staff and ‘invert the pyramid’, this is an approach which has already delivered radical change to more than 30 NHS

Jane Lewington, Chief Executive at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, reflects on their first year of LiA adoption: "The Trust has had a very challenging year, especially as we were put into special measures in July 2013 following the Keogh review. At that time, a cultural survey identified an absence of trust and engagement between staff and the Board. People did not feel pride in the Trust and had lost hope that things could be better.  

Catherine Beardshaw is Chief Executive at Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool, where they are now in their second year of LiA. Here Catherine talks about the role LiA played in preparing the hospital for a recent CQC inspection, and the widespread impact this has had:

The introduction of LiA at a Trust is often greeted with weary cynicism by NHS staff who have been involved in various change 'initiatives' which arrive with a bang and leave with a whimper, promising the earth and delivering little. LiA isn’t an 'initiative', it is about engaging and empowering staff for the long-term to improve the patient experience, patient outcomes and the morale of staff

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust recently held their second LiA 'Pass It On' event. John Goulston, Chief Executive, described these events as 'the best two days in my NHS career', and went on to say the following

John Adler, Chief Executive at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, is using NHS Change Day to boost the spread of Listening into Action across the Trust. John has given LiA his unwavering commitment first at Sandwell and West Birmingham and now in Leicester, and has no doubt about the impact this way of working has on staff and on the quality of patient care.

David Allison is Chief Executive at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where they are now in their second year of LiA adoption and spread. David has given LiA his unwavering commitment from the beginning. He shares their story so far...

John Goulston, Chief Executive at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, has recently hosted two highly successful LiA Conversations with patients at his Trust... "Listening to our patients gives us the insight into how we can make the necessary changes to improve services. In the past couple of weeks I have been very proud to host two listening events"

Glenn Young, the LiA Lead at East of England Ambulance Service, recognises the energy and committment required to adopt LiA across a geographically diverse and mobile workforce. He says "We need marathon runners not sprinters".

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust received a ringing endorsement from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for their adoption of Listening into Action (LiA), in the new format inspection report published last week. Croydon was the first Trust in the country to experience the new CQC process.