Here are the 5 latest stories from the #NHS100Stories campaign. Another inspiring group of changes which include improving patient care in an Acute setting, the set up of a clinic closer to home for young people in North Manchester and significant improvements in the recruitment process at a Specialist Trust

We've reached the half way mark of the #NHS100Stories campaign! So far we have published 50 inspiring stories from teams making changes which have either made a positive difference to the quality of care they deliver to their patients or 'unblocked the way' for their colleagues. Here's the latest 'fab five' from Week 10 of the campaign.

In the first 8 weeks of the #NHS100Stories campaign there have been stories from 40 LiA teams across almost 30 NHS Trusts. The focus areas for the teams are incredibly diverse - they range from improvements in stroke care, to reducing admissions for psychosis patients; from helping children with Cystic Fibrosis avoid hospital stays, to building understanding about deafness; and from reducing 'on the day' theatre cancellations to creating a stimulating garden area for patients

100,000s of staff and millions of patients are being impacted by new ways of working. More than 60 NHS Trusts comprising around 300,000 staff have been taking bold steps to ‘power up’ their frontline teams. The impact on patient care is being highlighted in an exciting new Twitter campaign #NHS100Stories which was launched last week, profiling 100 powerful stories in 100 days.