The #NHS100Stories campaign hit another significant milestone last week - 75 inspiring stories have now been published over the past 15 weeks! This latest batch of stories includes changes which have improved care for older people, supported the recovery of breast cancer patients and 'unblocked the way' for hospital staff

Here are the 5 stories from Week 7 of the #NHS100Stories campaign showcasing fantastic improvements made by teams from Acute and Community Trusts. Also featured are 'hot off the press' Listening into Action Pulse Check results which show huge uplifts in how engaged and valued staff feel in just 12 months.

100,000s of staff and millions of patients are being impacted by new ways of working. More than 60 NHS Trusts comprising around 300,000 staff have been taking bold steps to ‘power up’ their frontline teams. The impact on patient care is being highlighted in an exciting new Twitter campaign #NHS100Stories which was launched last week, profiling 100 powerful stories in 100 days.