Five more stories from proud LiA teams showcasing their achievements and the positive impact their work has had on the quality and safety of patient care. This latest batch includes improvements in the delivery of Phlebotomy services and reducing unnecessary hospital admissions for older patients. There are also stories from teams who have improved ways of working to ‘unblock’ the way for colleagues

Another great batch of stories from Acute and Mental Health Trusts from Week 13 of the #NHS100Stories campaign. Each story includes contact details for the staff who have led the changes in their Trusts - if you've been inspired by any of the stories featured in the campaign please do feel free to contact the Trusts involved directly or contact us

Here are the 5 stories from Week 7 of the #NHS100Stories campaign showcasing fantastic improvements made by teams from Acute and Community Trusts. Also featured are 'hot off the press' Listening into Action Pulse Check results which show huge uplifts in how engaged and valued staff feel in just 12 months.