The teams showcased this week have achieved some fantastic results, transforming the quality and safety of patient care, and improving staff morale and team working within their own Trusts. This latest batch of 5 stories shows the impact of changes made in a wide range of services - older peoples care; paediatric medicine; inpatient adult mental health; school nursing and breast services. Truly inspiring!

In the first 8 weeks of the #NHS100Stories campaign there have been stories from 40 LiA teams across almost 30 NHS Trusts. The focus areas for the teams are incredibly diverse - they range from improvements in stroke care, to reducing admissions for psychosis patients; from helping children with Cystic Fibrosis avoid hospital stays, to building understanding about deafness; and from reducing 'on the day' theatre cancellations to creating a stimulating garden area for patients

Here's the round up from Week 6 of the #NHS100Stories campaign - five inspiring stories from LiA Clinical and Enabler teams at Mental Health and Acute Trusts making changes which are improving patient care and 'unblocking the way' for staff.