Here is a post in the form of a recent email sent by Care Group Support Manager, Ian Billington, to his colleagues at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. Congratulations to Ian, Esther Waterhouse and the rest of the team on Ward 3 and beyond for the fantastic impact LiA has had for patients, families, staff and the Trust. The team are all LiA stars!

The Clinical Records team at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust have just completed their first cycle of improvements as an LiA Team. They have achieved some fantastic outcomes and there has also been an incredible uplift in in their LiA Team Pulse Check results - a real testament to how much more energised and valued they feel.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust started adoption of Listening into Action (LiA) in April 2016. They have a fantastic and very enthusiastic LiA Sponsor Group mostly comprising clinical staff, plus Chief Executive Richard Kirby, and have started their journey to lead a 'fundamental shift' at the Trust. In May, they launched their first 10 LiA Clinical Teams in alignment with patient care priorities (watch out for their stories in 20 weeks' time!)